After studying at Harrow School of Photography, I have worked for many years as a freelance photographer.  I’ve carried out corporate brochure, newsletter and annual report projects for clients as diverse as Lloyd’s Register, Wimbledon School of Art, and the UK Medical Research Council.

During that time I also taught Photography to Foundation students at Chelsea and Wimbledon Schools of Art, and Industrial Design at ISCID, an International Commerce School, at Dunkerque in northern France.

If you’ve read the previous page, you’ll have seen that I’m fascinated by the sheer power of photography to control what the viewer sees – to select those portions of reality that create the view that the photographer wants the recipient to receive.

Here’s an example.  Brixton is an area of inner-city London that has varying connotations – positive and negative …  It’s in the Borough of Lambeth, and here are two possibilities of how to experience Lambeth Town Hall.  Nothing’s been altered or eliminated in them: they’re the same buildings – but just look how a change of viewpoint can alter our perception.    

In Brighton, I’ve worked with (amongst others) the New Venture Theatre, producing performance photography and posters for our many productions.  I also design stage sets and lighting, and I have three times won ‘Best Lighting Design’ at the annual Brighton and Hove Arts Council Drama Awards.   You can see much more about my theatre work at   http://www.seeingstages.com

I’ve long been fascinated by theatre, and I enjoy writing about it, too.  I write theatre reviews for the FringeReview website.  You can read them archived at   http://www.stratmastoris.wordpress.com

You can contact me by email:       strat@stratmastoris.com      or use the contact form below.

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