People.   Faces, really; that’s the most interesting bit of any person, and lighting brings the face alive – sometimes almost literally, in the modelmaking department at Wimbledon School of Art


Head Website2


I recently photographed a delightful man called Tim Andrews.  Tim has undertaken a huge project over the past decade, getting himself pictured by literally hundreds of photographers.  ( I was no.  384 )   I did the shots on the beach at Saltdean, under the cliffs, for reasons which will become clear when you read Tim’s blog  – ‘Over The Hill’    where this picture is featured.   Tim titled it ‘Here Today’.  and





Lots of people need headshots – theatre people especially – and I photographed both Monty Python’s Carol Cleveland and director and trainer Mark Wilson in my studio.


DSC04588Carol Cleveland2










Mark Wilson Website2
















Some people try to make do with just a ‘selfie’, though actually this was shot in the studio too . . .




WDSC02538I was able to use a theatre space, complete with a haze machine, to produce the ‘noir’ lighting for actress Emmie Spencer, here playing Ruth Ellis, the last woman in Britain to be hanged for murder.









Easter_penitents WebsiteSometimes you can see right inside a person’s head, as with this one  for the UK Medical Research Council – and sometimes you can’t see anything at all, like these Easter penitents in Granada …












The light makes this bas-relief look like stone, but actually it’s bronze.  Soldiers are supposed to be ‘uniform’, but just look at the stubborn individuality on the faces of these Tommies.  It’s a detail from the Liverpool Cenotaph, Lionel Budden’s war memorial to the dead of the Great War.

Soldiers web















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