Deathwatch web

Listen!      I could show you some of my theatre pictures on this page, but if you’re really interested in stage photography there’s much more, both photography and lighting design, on my ‘Seeing Stages’ theatre site at

Strangers webSee you there.   Cheers!

The top photo is from a production of ‘Deathwatch’, by Jean Genet, which I both directed and lit, while the bottom picture is of Craig Warner’s ‘Strangers On A Train’, for which I did the lighting design.    You can also see a selection of my theatre posters on the ‘Posters’ page of this site.


Theatre is obviously one of my passions – but I’m not alone, and theatregoing has a very long history. Cartagena, in south-eastern Spain, shows off its modern auditorium with the recently excavated Roman theatre in the background.

Cartagena Panorama web

They’ve been watching actors in Cartagena for two thousand years or more.  But nothing really changes in culture – in the cathedral at Murcia I saw the carved front of a Roman tomb.  The sarcophagus features the nine Muses of culture, and presumably it’s the burial place of an actor, because there are male actors peering out from behind Thalia, Terpsicore and the rest.

And there, between Polyhymnia and Melpomene, is a chap – probably alive around the time of Christ – giving the kind of cheeky salutation that we see in today’s group photos and ‘selfies’.

Just imagine a sculptor carving that – I suppose it should really be called a ‘bas-reliefie’ . . .





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