This page features healthcare – but of course it’s really about the individuals involved, and their stories. In all my people photography I’m keen to show the subject in context. That’s also why I’ve presented these portraits in the publications that originally featured them, along with the captions.

I studied sciences at school, so I’ve always been interested in medical science and technology. I worked for a number of years with the UK Medical research Council (MRC) providing images of their research (above). I also worked with Community Health Computing (CHC), a US provider of medical IT systems, taking photographs of CHC installations for their corporate magazine (below).

I’ve also worked with CellTech, a genetics company, on their annual report and corporate publications.

As I said at the top – it’s really all about individual people. Probably never more so than the pictures I took at the Mildmay Hospice, a care centre for AIDS sufferers.